Where are you located?

CharbArts studio is located at 2238 Dundas Street West, Suite 111, on the main floor and at the back of the building.

Our studio is conveniently located just south of the Dundas Street West subway station. 

We suggest entering the Loblaws parking lot and parking in the south end of the lot (on the right side). Here, you can enter the building from the common doors used at the back of the medical building. We have our own back door from the studio leading out to the parking lot, but we are using it for emergency exits only. 

What do I wear to class?


Please wear a smock or Charb Arts shirt (if you have one), or just wear/ bring clothes that you can get messy with!

Hip Hop

Please wear sweatpants or loose shorts, sneakers and socks, and a t-shirt/ tank top. 


Please wear black leggings or tights (Girls) and  black pants or shorts (Boys), black body suit (Girls) and black t-shirt/ tank (Boys) and black Jazz shoes.


Please wear a Bodysuit, preferably light pink tights (but black is okay too), and Ballet shoes (pink or black).


(See Hip Hop and Jazz attire above, either/ or is suitable!)


Comfortable, stretchy clothing for parent and child. Please also wear booties or shoes that are flexible (to be able to get up on your toes!)

Adult Fitness classes

Yoga/ Workout Attire is preferable.

For FunkFitness- please bring your running shoes!

Do you rent your studio space?

We do our own Groove Parties, and we also accomodate third party renters as well. Please contact lori@charbarts.com for our pricing list. Examples of rental ideas: art gallery opening, showcase/concert, birthday party, wedding reception, etc.

Specifications include:

  • Space: 2500 sq.ft
  • Private Entrance and access to a large parking lot
  • 2 Studios
  • On-Site bathroom
  • Sink, Workbench and 4 Stainless Steel tables and 18 Stools
  • 2 dressing rooms
  • Lobby

What is a Groove Party?

This can be a birthday party or special event party – any kind of party! It includes two staff members: a Groove Dance Facilitator and an Art Facilitator, with whom they will make an art project to take home.

This is a 2 hour event. The base price is $300 for up to 10 kids minimum (this does not include HST).

For 11-16 party-goers, please add $25 per child.

For parties that are 17+ , please contact us for arrangements.

Contact Lori for your custom Charb Arts party package! 

Instagram @charbarts_studios

Contact CharbArts

(416) 551-6461

Email us 

2238 Dundas St West Suite 111, Toronto ON M6R 3A9
Dundas St West @ Bloor Street //
TTC: Dundas West Station